April 29, 2011                                                                       Contact: Rina Shah



Fred Karger Hits Magic 1% Threshold in Fox News Poll

One Week before South Carolina – Fox News Debate

DALLAS, TEXAS – In the first Fox News Poll to include his name, Californian Fred Karger garnered 1% in a national poll released today.  The poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research (results below).

Karger will be announcing the results and reaffirming his desire to be included in next Thursday’s South Carolina GOP and Fox News Debate at 1:20 pm in a speech today to the Log Cabin Republicans National Convention.  The speech will take place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, 2201 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX.

Karger has been invited to next week’s first-in-the-nation debate in Greenville, SC, but organizers have so far refused to let him participate because he had not been included in any national polls.  This should change things significantly.  Buddy Roemer has been included in the debate, but did not hit the 1% threshold in today’s poll, the first to include his name.

“I am delighted that in the very first national poll to include me with all other presidential candidates, I hit the 1% number required to be included in the South Carolina Debate,” said Karger.  “As the first out gay candidate to ever run for President of the United States, this is truly historic.  All the hard work of so many people helping me over the past 14 months has truly paid off.  And there is only one way to go but up!”

“I will reach out to the Republican Party of South Carolina and Fox News officials today to again ask them to ‘Let Fred In’ to their debate next week.”

“I also ask today for help from my supporters to help me pay the $25,000 filing fee that is required to participate.  Go to: /contribute to make a contribution today.”

Poll Results:  CLICK HERE

Mitt Romney  19%

Mike Huckabee  17%

Sarah Palin  9%

Donald Trump  8%

Newt Gingrich  7%

Ron Paul  7%

Herman Cain  4%

Tim Pawlenty  3%

Michele Bachmann  3%

Rick Santorum  3%

Mitch Daniels  2%

Jon Huntsman  1%

Gary Johnson  1%

Fred Karger  1%

Roy Moore  1%

Buddy Roemer – n/a

Rudy Giuliani n/a

Haley Barbour n/a

(Chris Christie – vol.) – – n/a

(Jeb Bush – vol.) – – 1%

(Someone else)  1%

(Too soon to say)  9%

(Don’t know)  4%


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