FRED WHO? – order a copy of Fred’s critically acclaimed memoir “FRED WHO?” written with renowned author Steve Fiffer. This interesting and revealing book available in hardcover, paperback, and electronic version was on the Amazon Best Seller list the day it was released.

World’s Greatest Crasher – coming soon. Co-written with journalist Sam Eichner, CRASHER tells the story of many of Fred’s crashes from Hollywood to the White House. Fred was awarded the title of “World’s Most Notorious Crasher” by the International Blog “The Richest” in 2015. Read the prologue, watch and read some of the early worldwide news coverage, along with lots of photo proof from this much-anticipated book. Hear exactly how Fred ended up on stage during two Academy Awards, crashed White House parties, crashed the “party’s of the year,” the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and New York’s star-studded Met Gala, and the after-parties. Plus read all about Fred’s hundreds of other crashes from sporting events, to parties, weddings, and even some of the biggest celebrity funerals.

Undaunted – (coming soon)  Before there was a Pete Buttigieg campaign for president, read the story about the candidate whom Pete thanked “for paving the way for him and making the path easier for other LGBTQ candidates to run for president.” Co-authored with Steve Fiffer, “Undaunted” tells the story of Fred’s groundbreaking, two-and-a-half-year, full-time journey running against 10 other GOP rivals for the 2012 nomination for president of the United States.

World’s Greatest Crasher

Fred Who?