Nov 11, 2010

Fred’s Commercials are “In the Can”

IOWA CITY, IA & HANOVER, NH – It was a busy last week in New Hampshire after a similar one in Iowa the week before.  Filmmaker John Keitel was in full production mode as he shot two new commercials for the Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee.  The first spot titled, “Independence Day,” which is an Iowa specific video, was shot throughout eastern and central Iowa the week before.

Then last week Fred, John and crew were all over the Granite State.  We began in and around Dartmouth College in Hanover, and worked our way two hours south and east to end up Friday in Durham, home of the University of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire spot is called “Frisbee,” (working title), and will be a fun and zany video geared to go viral on YouTube.  It has a science fiction theme and took four days to shoot.

Here are a couple of photos from a wet New Hampshire.  We had to shoot around the rain, but got everything done.


Our Dartmouth College Coordinator, Jon Lohse (left) was there to help John Keitel (right) shoot the video.  The streets were not watered down for the filming, that was done by Mother Nature.


Here I am getting ready for Take 2.


Go Wildcats and Fred Who?!


A Fred Who? T-shirt invasion? Or was it just the end of a fun Fred Frisbee game?  You’ll have to wait to see John’s short viral video when it is released.  Coming to a YouTube channel near you soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped out all week.  Special thanks to John (with camera), Shane Miller (third from left) and Lee Hunter (center with arm in the air).  You were all incredible!

14 States (Plus DC) in 14 Days

Some were by land, some were for connections and some were by train, but I hit CA, CO, IA, IL, NY, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, MA, NH, ME on my last trip between October 25th and November 6th.  I was in Washington, DC for election night at the Politico Party at Newseum.  Great event!

Fred in the News

This wonderful story came out last week by Dan Walters, senior political reporter and columnist for the Sacramento Bee.  Dan Walters is the highly respected dean of the California political press corps.


Link to article, CLICK HERE

The latest on California politics and government

By Dan Walters

November 1, 2010


PHOTO CREDIT: Fred Karger at a federal courthouse in January 2010. Bryan Patrick, Sacramento Bee.

Fred Karger labored in California’s political vineyards for years, managing Republicans’ campaigns for office, but made a national name for himself two years ago as a major player in the opposition to Proposition 8, the measure to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Karger, who focused on the Mormon church’s role in Proposition 8’s passage, now is setting his political sights higher by running for president as a gay rights advocate and has made numerous trips to the early 2012 primary and caucus states of New Hampshire and Iowa.

“New Hampshire’s starting to feel like a second home,” Karger says on his presidential campaign website. “I’ve just wrapped up my 8th trip to the Granite State, and it was a whirlwind.”

The Des Moines Register, meanwhile, included Karger in its account of the early presidential hopefuls in that state, which will select convention delegates by caucus.

The Register story can be found here and Karger’s campaign website is here.

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