October 10, 2011

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Karger Premieres New Commercial Tonight in New Hampshire

PLYMOUTH, NH – California Businessman and former Reagan political aid Fred Karger will premiere “Let Fred In,” his new web commercial at the Grafton County Republican Committee Columbus Day Dinner this evening.  Karger will speak at the dinner along with former Governors Jon Huntsman and Buddy Roemer and Ann Romney.  The reception, dinner and straw poll begins at 5:30 pm at The Common Man Inn, Plymouth, NH.

The 90 second commercial called “Let Fred In” will go live today and can be viewed on the campaign’s web site, facebook page, on twitter and Youtube.  It features a vintage clip of Karger’s old boss Ronald Reagan and utilizes some state-of-the-art special effects.

In the commercial Karger places himself in the Fox News—Google Debate and responds to the booing of Stephen Hill, the openly gay soldier stationed in Iraq.

Karger was not invited to the last two Fox News Debates even though he met the requirements.  Because of this unfair treatment, Karger filed a 158 complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch.  The FEC is looking into the matter – Case #MUR 6493.

Click below to see the commercial:


“I was watching the last debate in Washington, DC and when they booed Stephen Hill I was so angry that I was not there to speak out against such un-American behavior,” said Karger.  “I hope that this commercial will send a clear message to future debate organizers that they should “Let Fred In” so that I can address these social issues and talk about how I will turn this country around like Ronald Reagan did 30 years ago.”

The commercial was produced and directed by California filmmaker Kristina Lapinski.

Fred Discovered Rick Perry Did Not Qualify for Tomorrow’s Debate

On Saturday Fred discovered that Governor Rick Perry DID NOT qualify for tomorrow’s Bloomberg TV, Washington Post, WBIN TV Debate at Dartmouth College.

Perry did not meet all four requirements, so Fred sent a letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg who owns Bloomberg TV and asked that if Rick Perry gets to debate, then so should he, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer.  Here’s some coverage from Perry’s home state:


Perry included in NH debate even though he does not qualify

Posted on 10 Oct 2011 at 1235pm

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Fred Karger, the first Republican to declare his run for the White House this year, has been shut out of all of the debates but has been a good watchdog on the other Republican candidates. He found that Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not qualify to be in Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate.

Over the weekend Karger sent a complaint to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg who also owns Bloomberg News. That organization is the sponsor of a debate at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire along with Washington Post and WBIN TV.

According to Karger’s research, candidates had to meet all four of the following criteria to participate:

A. Received measurable popular support in a range of national polls.

B. Campaign reported at least half a million dollars raised in its FEC filing through the 2011 second quarter reporting period.

C. Is a legally qualified candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

D. Participated in at least three nationally televised Republican Presidential debates during the 2012 election cycle.

Karger, who is gay, has been kept out of the debates because of the first criteria. The original standard was a candidate had to poll 1 percent in five national polls. Once Karger met that baseline, sponsoring news organizations raised the percent and have continued keeping him out.

His campaign checked the eight candidates who were invited to the Dartmouth debate and found that Rick Perry does not qualify, even though he will be included.

“Rick Perry was not a candidate by the end of 2nd quarter and has not filed any FEC fundraising reports,” Karger wrote in an email to Dallas Voice and other news organizations so he does not qualify under criteria B.

Perry entered the race on Aug. 12 and will not have to file a report with the Federal Election Commission until the end of this quarter.

-David Taffet