Jun 12, 2011

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Karger to Hold New Hampshire Press Conference Monday, June 13th

Will File Request for Romney Investigations

Preview New Commercial to Run During Tomorrow’s Debate

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Presidential candidate Fred Karger will hold a Press Conference Monday, June 13th at 2:30 pm (EDT) at the Hilton Garden Inn, in the Manchester Boardroom, 101 South Commercial Street, Downtown Manchester, NH.

Karger will announce the filing of formal complaints with Massachusetts Election and Tax officials over former Governor Mitt Romney’s questionable residency issues.  

Karger, a longtime political consultant, and now Independent Republican candidate for President, is sending letters requesting investigations on Monday to Massachusetts officials William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and Commissioner Navjeet K. Bal, Department of Revenue.

Karger contends in his letter of complaint that Romney, one of the leading Republican candidates for President, was illegally registered to vote out of a basement apartment in his son’s home in Belmont, Massachusetts for 15 months in 2009 and 2010.  The complaint questions whether this was the Romney’s “primary residence.”  The Romneys had sold their family home in Belmont in May 2009 and have estates in California and New Hampshire.

“There are many unanswered questions that I am asking both state officials to look into to see if Mr. Romney is adhering to the election and tax laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” said Karger.  “Mr. Romney got entangled in a similar problem when he “inadvertently” switched his residency to Utah back in 1999, and then attempted to run for Governor of Massachusetts three years later.  I have raised several very legitimate questions in my letter that need to be answered.”

Mr. Romney has an oceanfront home in La Jolla, California and a compound on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, both valued in excess of $12 million.  In various news accounts and interviews, Romney and others have indicated his principal residence is in one of those two states and not Massachusetts, but he claimed his principal residency in a basement apartment for 15 months.

“Here’s a very successful businessman worth upwards of $500 million and he is confused on where he lives and where he pays taxes?  It makes no sense.  Who could possibly believe that he and his wife were living in their son’s basement apartment?”

New Karger Television Commercial to Air During and Around New Hampshire Debate

Additionally, Karger will release and screen the very first issue ad of the 2012 campaign, Tyrannosaurs Rex, which will take on Big Oil, “the principal culprit of the high gas prices that are hurting families and destroying the American economy.”

Karger, who just missed qualifying for tomorrow night’s Presidential Debate, will be running his commercial during and around the Debate throughout New Hampshire and in Iowa.  The spot will run on New Hampshire’s WMUR TV and on CNN in Iowa and New Hampshire.  “I may not be on the stage at St. Anselm College, but I will be seen on TV,” said Karger.

Fred filming his commercial at a Mobil station last week.

Filmmaker John Keitel produced and directed the 30 second commercial that will be previewed at Monday’s News Conference and a longer version will be up on YouTube.

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