Jun 18, 2010

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The Back of the Pack: Who is Fred Karger?

Posted by Austin F. Cassidy, June 13, 2010

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It seems that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is still mulling a long-shot bid for President in 2012. Earlier this week he addressed the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee and talked about his landslide defeat in 2006, when he lost his Senate seat to Bob Casey.

On the tough loss, Santorum stated that it gave him a chance “to see government, not from the perspective of someone who is in the mix, but as a citizen who watches government like every other citizen watches government.”

Santorum went on to descibe the tea party movement as “first responders who are responding to an emergency in America.”

Also this week, a new poll was released that shows Congressman Ron Paul would beat President Barack Obama by 18-points among those who identify as independent voters.

Good news for Paul and bad for Obama? Sort of.

In match-ups that included all voters, the President was leading all potential Republican challengers. And actually leading Ron Paul by the largest margin, because his stances on foreign policy turned off a meaningful percentage of Republicans.

Obama leads Mike Huckabee 46-44, and Mitt Romney 45-42… and Ron Paul by 46-36.

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AND FINALLY: Who is Fred Karger?

Fred Karger is a one-time political consultant, gay rights activist and founder of Californians Against Hate.  He’s also “seriously considering” a run for President as either a Republican or a so-called independent Republican.

Karger has set up a personal website that looks an awful lot like a campaign website.  It details his relatively extensive history as an activist and campaign worker in Republican politics.

He descibes himself as a centrist and advocates for a “big tent” Republican Party and he’s been featured in Mother Jones magazine.

Recently Karger caused a stir by visiting Iowa to lay some groundwork for a bid in the 2012 GOP Caucus in that state.  The party’s State Committeeman basically told Karger that he should stay out of the race.

To learn more, listen to this recent interview with Karger on an Iowa radio station…