Sep 22, 2011

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One-on-one with GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger

By Rebecca Schatz

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Welcome to the 2012 election where on the GOP side alone, we have an openly gay man, a woman and a Mormon running for President. Of course, a candidate’s sexuality, gender or religion shouldn’t matter. But it does, even in this day and age. However, I think because all these different types of people are running, it proves the country is making some progress. Win or lose, at least they ran and they’re shaking up the field.

We interviewed Fred Karger, who is the first openly gay candidate looking to take over the Oval Office. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, with a campaign that jokes, “Fred Who?!”. But he says he is serious about fixing the country and making President Obama a one-term leader. Karger knows he’s not a household name and he believes in this concept that many thought was dead and gone in Washington: bipartisanship.