Aug 14, 2010


August 14, 2010

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA – I have been home for nearly a week.  Spent much of the time getting caught up and setting up the next trip to Iowa, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (Martha’s Vineyard) and Maine.

We’re leaving for Des Moines on Monday, and will be there through Thursday.  I will be at the Iowa State Fair all day Wednesday, August 18th, and will begin the day as a guest on Jan Mickelson in the Morning Show on WHO Radio @ 10:00 am.

WHO Radio is the #1 Talk Radio station in this first-in-the-nation-caucus state.  I was a guest on his show once before, about the email that I received from Iowa GOP National Committeeman, Steve Scheffler.  Mr. Scheffler had threatened to work against me, simply because I was gay.  I sent him an email last week requesting a meeting, but have not heard back.

PRIDE in the OC

Today was the 2nd Annual Gay Pride where I live in Orange County, California.  It was a huge success.  Most of the promoting was through Facebook, and there were thousands of Orange County residents enjoying this wonderful festival.  Here are some of my best photos from today:


The Fred Frisbees are a big hit on the West Coast, too!














Steven got a good Frisbee game going in the park












Here I am with Laguna Beach’s incredible Audrey Prosser.

We have been working together to SAVE the BOOM and Laguna’s historic Coast Inn!










Lots of families were at Pride.  Here’s one I met.

Great kids who both LOVED their Fred Frisbees!


Four fun girls out celebrating and enjoying some beers








Ran in NOH8’s Adam Bouska shooting hundreds of mostly under 25 year olds with

his trademark NOH8 temporary tattoo. Check out his web site: CLICK HERE













On the dance floor, Pride personified…..

Will report in from the road next week on our next Saturday Report.

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