Mar 25, 2011

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A Gay Republican is Running for President?

March 24, 2011 at 7:20pm

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This is fab!

Even though some people might not agree with the political party Fred Karger‘s a part of, he completely has the right to stand there with them and put his name in the hat for President, whether or not he’s gay!

While we’re sure that his bid for the candidacy will not sit well with some people because he is openly gay, we are very proud of him for making the effort real and unavoidable in the RNC. To us, that’s inspirational. He could really help to reform the equality stances in the party, while focusing on the nation and what matter’s most.

Here’s what he’s done:

Retired California political consultant Fred Karger will be in DC today to file his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission officially declaring his candidacy for the Republicanimage presidential nomination. It will make him the first openly gay Republican ever to run for president as well as the first GOP candidate to declare officially that he is running for the 2012 race.

That really is a big deal for the Republican party!

Despite your politics, it’s key that we all support Fred’s decision and make sure that he’s given every freedom to campaign as anyone else would be!

Unfortunately we assume that some people are going to be pretty upset no matter how good of a candidate he is.

Now to see if he’ll be going up against the Trump!

Equality for all!