Sep 22, 2010

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Help “Good Morning New Hampshire”

Commercial Go Viral

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Well, the wait is over. Today the Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee is releasing Fred’s first commercial.

First: We are asking everyone to help us make some history right now.


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Help Fred Go Viral Right Now

Wikipedia defines Go Viral (ˈgō vahy-ruhl) as: marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness.

The commercial is running on television all week in New Hampshire, the state that hosts the first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary in 2012. It’s a fun, upbeat, MTV-type spot featuring people from all over New Hampshire and Fred. It was focus grouped over the last ten days, and it tested “off the charts.”

Fred eating and greeting at the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester

The Viral spot is a tad longer than the 60 second version that is running in all seven television markets (DMA’s) in the Granite State (see schedule below).

Here’s the link to Fred’s YouTube channel: CLICK HERE

Schedule for TV Commercial broken down by DMA:

Manchester – WMUR – ABC Channel 9 & MSNBC

Nashua – CNN & MTV

Seacoast / Portsmouth and Durham — CNN

Laconia / Wolfeboro — FXNC

Concord — FXNC

Claremont / Lebanon / Hanover – CNN

Keene – MSNBC