Apr 26, 2011

Fred Frisbees Fly At GOP Event

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POSTED: 4:43 pm CDT April 26, 2011

UPDATED: 5:17 pm CDT April 26, 2011

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Republican candidate for president talked politics, his experience and threw out Fred Frisbees to the crowd on Tuesday.


Fred Karger, 61, has 35 years of experience in politics and has worked on nine Republican presidential campaigns. He has also served as senior consultant to former President Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford.

He spoke to a crowd Tuesday morning at Drake University in Des Moines.

Karger said he didn’t come to the decision seek the Republican nomination in 2012 lightly. He said he will run an unconventional campaign aimed at getting younger people involved.

“I just want to get young people involved in the process — in my campaign, and into the Republican Party. In particular, open up the Republican Party, very contrary to some who are running who are wanting to close the flaps of the tent and limit the people that are coming here. I’m approaching students, everybody,” said Karger.

Karger also said his campaign will be strategic and utilize the latest in digital media technology.

Karger was born in Chicago and is the first openly gay candidate to run for President of the United States. In August 2010, Karger announced that he had formed an exploratory committee and in March officially announced his campaign.

You can learn more about this candidate at https://fredkarger.com.