Dec 1, 2011

jobs now title

There are 3.1 million jobs available in the United States.  We must begin to immediately fill these jobs.

  • Create a web program,, to connect employers with perspective employees.  The program would use a viral marketing campaign to help put America back to work.
  • Provide tax credits to help relocate families to fill available jobs.
  • Facilitate Public-Private Partnerships between business, high schools, community colleges, technical schools and the government to train Americans and help place them in these jobs.


We need to stop the bleeding of American jobs to countries like China and India.

  • We must incentivize or even penalize companies who move American jobs overseas.
  • We must work to bring labor and management together to stop the loss of jobs to our competitor countries.


Entrepreneurs are the essence of the American Spirit and the source of a majority of all new jobs in this country.  We need to invest far more into developing entrepreneurs.

tax holiday

  • Create a one-time tax holiday for American companies to repatriate the $1.1 trillion in profits that they have parked overseas.
  • Instead of American corporations paying the 35% tax rate on these corporate earnings, they would instead be assessed a flat 7.5% onetime fee.  This revenue would be used to create the American Entrepreneur’s Trust, to be administered and run by Warren Buffet, America’s Greatest Entrepreneur.
  • With the $45 – $82.5 billion in startup capital, the American Entrepreneur’s Trust would provide low interest microloans to a new generation of entrepreneurs.


  • The government would complement the American Entrepreneur’s Trust by helping create a new wave of American Entrepreneurs.
  • would bring the Small Business Administration (SBA) into the 21st Century to utilize the power of the Internet and help connect entrepreneurs directly with investors, mentors and peers.
  • Utilize retired businessmen and women to mentor these budding entrepreneurs and expand on the great work of SCORE and other mentorship programs.
  • The SBA and mentors would teach new entrepreneurs exactly how to create business proposals and loan applications for their specific businesses.

buy american

The President has the power of the Bully Pulpit and can work with business and consumers to promote American made goods.

  • Work with large retailers to feature American made goods in special “Made in America” departments.


We need to dramatically rethink unemployment benefits to get the long term unemployed working again.

  • Companies hiring an unemployed American can utilize up to six-months of the new worker’s unemployment benefits to supplement his or her salary.
  • Instead of paying unemployed workers for not working, have the government and the private sector share in the salary of newly hired employees who go back to work.


American ingenuity has made America the envy of the world.

  • Bring the patent review period from the current 3 to 5 years back to the 3-month process that Thomas Edison enjoyed for his inventions.  Create an expedited 1-month expedited patent approval process for a higher fee.
  • End Fee Diversion by Congress from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) into the general budget.
  • Institute 21st century technology into the USPTO to expedite and simplify patent applications.
  • Create a Patent Review Board to examine all patent complaints and only allow those with merit to become patent infringement civil suits.

employ nd

Every American deserves the right to work in an environment free from discrimination.  As President I would immediately work to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would help every American feel safe and secure in his or her job, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.