Huffington Post: May 29, 2012

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Fred Karger is a man to whom life has been very, very kind.

You can see it in the way he shows all of his teeth when he smiles, feel it in the way he squeezes your hand when he introduces himself, hear it in his easy yet firmly composed laugh. You can’t help thinking it, bitterly, as you pull up in front of his beach house off Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. The pictures in the little frames in his living room are meant to drive the point home, and they’re certainly impressive — there he is with Dianne Feinstein, and Jake Gyllenhaal, and the Clintons, way back before Chelsea learned how to work her own toothy grin.

It’s not surprising, upon meeting him and taking in the meticulously crafted package that is Fred Karger, that he is running for president of the United States.

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San Diego Gay & Lesbian News: May 25, 2012

SAN DIEGO — Fred who?

You know, that guy running for President of the United States. The one who made history as the first-ever openly gay candidate seeking the highest office in the land. The guy who launched the humorous “Fred who?” campaign to drum up his recognition factor.

Fred Karger, the only Republican candidate for POTUS still standing other than presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, is in San Diego this week drumming up votes for California’s June 5 primary. He will be attending today’s Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast. And on Saturday, he will be leading a precinct walk through Hillcrest, starting at 1 pm at Fiesta Cantina.

Karger stopped by the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News office on Thursday afternoon to discuss his historic campaign and his plans for the future. During the free-wheeling interview, he took a swipe at his mortal enemy, Maggie Gallagher of the anti-gay hate group the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and predicted the outcome of the Proposition 8 legal case.

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